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Kind Bars

It matters what you're made of.

Kind bars are made with wholesome ingredients and their wrappers are transparent. Its good to know what you're eating - kinda like its good to know what your gonna get. What if other things were like Kind bars? 

This was definitely one of my favorite projects. Armed with simple yet powerful insight, we had a blast making other things as transparent as Kind bars.

Client / 

Kind ​

Role / 


Art Direction

Team / 

Lily Bussel CW

Michael Aimette ECD

Agency / 


Director / 

Win Bates

Typical advertising is known for overpromising and embellishing–it often feels like it’s lying. These print ads reveal what we all know to be true but no one ever talks about. Right next to these, we’ll show how KIND is always transparent, never trying to hide anything.


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