Bud Light

Summer Bucket List

To show what it means to truly be up for whatever Bud Light implemented limited edition labels. We took that and ran with it by implementing a platform where millennials could customize their own Bud Light labels and slap them on where ever they are enjoying Bud Light. This grew campaign awareness and engaged with the target in a natural setting.



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Bud Light​

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Art Direction


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So how did we put Upforwhatever into your hands?

Some answers Below:

“The perfect beer for reminding you that you owe me $20 bucks.”

“The perfect beer for playing catch up.”

“The perfect beer to tell you that  you're gonna be a dad."

We released a series of summer bucket list spots (aimed at millennials)  that shows what it means to truly be up for whatever. Here's a couple of them to get the idea. 

This exhibition was organized during Daniel's free time and is made possible by the generous donation of Daniel himself. 

A Sinister Production

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